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The Bear Clan Singers & Dancers

Bear Clan Group.jpg

from the Wisconsin Dells area are a renowned troupe of Ho-Chunk professional entertainers. Various of their members are multi-award winners at pow wows and traditional dance competitions across the country. 


From the youngest to the eldest, each member has been taught the ways and meanings of their Woodlands dances and songs with teachings that have been handed down for generations.

They have performed at Olympic events and been chosen for the Native American Dance Theater in New York City, which only showcases the best of those on the national pow wow circuit. The list of venues and events where they have performed is long and prestigious.

When the BCSD take the stage, you'll see dances such as the Shield Dance and Eagle Dance, and be invited to be part of a Participation Dance. An emcee also narrates the performance with dance explanations, and tribal history.

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