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Marcella Jones (Choctaw descent) founded Native Voices Booking & Management in 1995 and has represented many different performers over the years.


Before starting the agency, she was Director of Indian Council Of The Elderly in Milwaukee for 2 years. Previous to I.C.E. she spent 10 years in the advertising and marketing business. Over the years she's held a wide range of jobs and functions. These include founding a woman's retreat center outside Beloit, WI (MotherRoot Farm), selling airtime (for a classical radio station),and being paid to use air (speaker with Peak Performance Systems).


More recently, she was music manager at a Barnes & Noble for 17 years. No matter the side job, she has always represented Native and non-Native performers and lecturers through NVBM. 


One of her fondest dreams is to be a performer with Cirque du Soleil.

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