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"Over the years, I've become disheartened traveling this country and profiting from the gentrification that runs rampant. It isn't just the social stratification, but the material waste, and the ecological damage that the process and supporting industries cause.


I've been blessed in that not all endeavors have been these sad observations. There's been times when I've seen hope; a festival done right and respectfully, like the Ness Creek Music festival in the homeland of the Metis in Saskatchewan. Having time with Gangstagrass to visit Mono Lake and learn about their fight to give the lake personhood, and therefore legal precedent for protection. And in my own travels going down to Costa Rica and working on a boat yard that dreams of emission free supply chains through their efforts.


I want to play for the latter, and places that support a grounding in the reality of our ecological and social predicament. I want to play for people that are awake to that, or seek to be awakened. I’d like to partner with ecologically progressive businesses, or give talks at libraries to share histories that display better roots to launch from. I see this with the native peoples that are particularly aware of our problems. I see this in residencies, where I get to commune and share the progressive ideals and processes that I gather.

I want to work with persons and businesses kindred to these ideas."

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