Richie Plass (Menominee & Stockbridge-Munsee)

A drummer with the renowned country group Wolf River Band for 30 years, Richie Plass now heads his own group, The Flying Feather Blues Band. He is also an actor (and sometimes comedian!) with a long background in business and manufacturing as well as tribal politics and economic development. But his lectures and sessions on "Trails of the Menominee: A Discussion of Native American Diversity" are where his heart really lies.

Plass lectures on education, culture, traditions, professional environment and social impact. His sessions deal with issues such as Menominee and general Native American history, past and present Native American issues such as logos and mascots, Native American lore and performing arts, as well as dealing with and living in a world of different cultures.

His multi-faceted background includes an Associate Degree in Architecture, Director of Tribal Economic Development on the Menominee Reservation, diversity training, and sports editor for his school paper. Plass is also a published poet.

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