About Native Voices

Native Voices Booking & Management was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA in 1995 and represents both Native and non-Native musicians, performers & lecturers. On these pages you can check out our performer's individual web sites and then come back here to contact us for rates, dates, and any other information or materials you need to put our acts in your venue, whether large or small, anyplace in the world.

Sorry. We do not accept new client solicitations or packages

For more information contact:

Marcella Jones

PO BOX 342512
Milwaukee, WI 53234
Phone & Fax: (414) 545-0208

Marcella Jones

Marcella Jones (Choctaw descent) founded Native Voices Booking & Management in 1995. Before starting the agency, she was Director of Indian Council Of The Elderly in Milwaukee for 2 years. Previous to I.C.E. she spent 10 years in the advertising and marketing business. Over the years she's held a wide range of jobs and functions. These include founding a woman's retreat center outside Beloit, WI (MotherRoot Farm), selling airtime (for a classical radio station) and being paid to use air (speaker with Peak Performance Systems). One of her fondest dreams is to be a performer with Cirque du Soleil.

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